Books to kick-start your 2016…

I love coming across new stories and authors. And 2015 certainly shelved a few. When looking for empowerment and inspiration, nothing quite gets the heart beating for change like a well scripted book, words which shape and mould you, a storyline that encourages and uplifts you and a writer who surprises and blesses you.

I read a collection of exceptional books last year, but three in particular grabbed a hold of my soul. These beautiful, faith based tales I’m about to list breathed so much hope, light, love, peace and joy into my life, and I pray they breathe the same into your 2016 also.

The Chase: Trusting God with your happily ever after -by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky…

Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky instantly welcome you into both their humble hearts and lives within their books first few pages. This husband and wife duo has a warm writing style that causes you to feel completely at home with them, making you feel more like a cherished friend than an awkward third wheel joining their coffee date.

Together and in every chapter, Kyle and Kelsey take turns with the pen, discussing guys, purity, dating, relationships, love and faith. Kelsey sweetly educates readers of ways they can discover their worth, beauty and contentment in God, not guys, and why confidence, happiness and kindness are qualities that make a woman truly gorgeous, inside and out. On the other hand, Kyle candidly shares what godly guys look for their future wives, what attributes they find attractive, what gets their hearts racing, why respect is important in relationships and why girls should hold out for the guy who will treasure and cherish them, forever.

The book also explores how the Kupecky’s own unique love story unfolded, revealing dreamy details about how God prepared their hearts for one another, how they first met, how they kept their dating relationship pure, why they saved intimacy for marriage and why they encourage others to do the same.

I was genuinely impressed and inspired by this young couple’s authentic and godly approach to relationships, their beautiful love for Jesus and their desire to see all girls and guys seek the Lord Jesus Christ with all their hearts. In the end, this book only leaves you wanting to settle for nothing less than butterflies, to wait for the guy who will treat you like a prized princess, and to leave your ‘Happily Ever After’ into God’s wonderful (manuscript) hands.

This story serves as the ideal relationship study guide, allowing plenty of opportunities for readers to highlight key notes, quotes and messages throughout the text that flutter into their hearts.

I can’t think of a better way to start off your 2016 then with a committed chase, a chase after God, a chase after purity and a chase after your dreams and desires.

Kyle and Kelsey have proven when you strive to chase only God, He will in time permit permission for the right guy to begin his chase after you!

Learn more about the book and this fun, Jesus loving couple on their website at

At Long Last: A story of Love + Hope -by Erin Morris…

For three years, I’ve followed Erin Morris on her journey as a sweet single gal to recently meeting and marrying the man of her very dreams, watching it all unfold on her charming blog. Erin has always openly and honestly shared her heart on screen with all her readers, frequently writing posts that remind them of their extraordinary beauty, worth and Saviour Jesus Christ. And now, Erin has gone one step further to pen it (her heart) on paper, self-publishing her new book, ‘At Long Last: A story of Love +Hope’.

In first person, Erin shares the love story God wrote for her, one she tenderly left in His hands at the age of 13. ‘At Long Last’ weaves the special real life and love story of a girl and a boy who wanted and waited on the Lord, not fate, to cross their paths.

While parts of the book contain magical, fairy-tale like and dream come true chapters, the author does ensure her readers that life is not always fairy dust, twinkle lights and rich rainbows. Loss, heartache, depression, loneliness and grief are also narrated throughout the book, making this story so much more real and relatable and thus colouring in an even sweeter ending come the final page.

It’s a true honour to introduce this gem of book to you. Women of all ages will enjoy this hearty story. With a beautiful blend of bliss, brokenness, starry love, an almighty God and one happy couple, it’s the perfect holiday read this season.

“At Long Last” is a timeless classic that will nestle its way into your soul, moving and encouraging you to never give up on God, His timings, His promises nor His incredible dreams for us all. Every page pens something precious, reminding readers that God is the ultimate author and answerer of all our wishful desires and dreams.

I promise you; this inspirational tale is a prized keepsake for the many years to come.

Find out more about this girl’s heart and story on her website and blog at

Beauty, Boys and Ball gowns: Crown of Beauty Magazine -by Livy Jarmusch…

Livy Jarmusch, along with her team of talented writers, arise to the challenge in addressing issues every young girl struggles and awaits confirmation in. Printed in a very cool, calm and collected format, you’ll read chapters on boys, true beauty, becoming world changes and discovering your royal identity in Christ. “Beauty, Boys and Ball gowns” is a lot like the Christian version of Total Girl, it eliminates all the gossip, trash talk and photoshopped celebs and gets straight to the real stuff, the good stuff!

With a string of essayists pitching in to contribute something different on every single page, there was every chance a multi-authored book like this could fall flat on its front cover. But it did just the opposite. Miraculously, “Crown of Beauty” delivers a powerful collection of stories, each holding valuable messages and all deserving their place inside the teenage inspired publication.

I guarantee, these fun filled pages will only inspire you to see yourself the way the King of Kings does, to seek Jesus with every fibre of your heart, to place your sacred dreams, wishes and prayers into His faithful hands and to use all your God given gifts and talents, for they have mega power to change the world, transform people’s lives and bring souls to the foot of the Cross.

Girls, If you are or know someone going through an insecure time and trial, a high school struggle or a teenage turmoil, I recommend this book! I’ll be 22 this year and there were still priceless pearls of advice I found extremely useful, ones I’ll be sure to share with all the young ladies God places in my future.

Let this encouraging book lead you closer to desiring more of Jesus, enticing your soul every time you prize it open.

Check out more info and articles like the book at


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Where have all the good guys gone?

I’ve heard the world’s motto over and over,

“All guys are the same. “

“All guys are jerks.”

“All the good guys have gone.”

Yet the question I beg to ask is,

‘Who and what are we continually hanging around or dating to powerfully convict us every man on the planet is exactly like this?’

I often wonder if the contributing factor towards todays, ‘Single Women Epidemic’ is due to so many placing zero bets on the good guys while gambling everything away on the bad guys?

These days, it seems too many girls have been informed to run and chase after the prince instead of letting the prince find and pursue them. 

It seems, too many have been led to ignore and friend zone all the good men left in their lives just because their blood related, taken or aren’t marriage material. It seems, too many have been brainwashed to think they have what it takes to change him from his playboy ways and into a respected gentleman.

Despite what society says, the tangible truth is not all guys in this world are bad, jerks, pigs, players, users or heart breakers, some are far from it in fact. My motto is, there are godly guys present in our world and lives, just perhaps not in the form of romance right this very instance. I’ve got solid proof kind hearted men of God still exist. Guys who I know show more attraction to the size of a woman’s heart than her jean size or more interested in the precious time she spends with the Lord than sitting in front of a social media screen for hours. Yet, not one of these great men I applaud and love are from romantic relationships. Instead, their men like my Dad and brother.

As girls, sometimes our whole hearts can be so invested on the romantic side of love when it comes to guy’s that we fail to see them past potential love interests.

So many of us desire handsome, Christ loving guys to enter our lives in the picture form of red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and handwritten love letters, than seeing and getting to know them as a potential friends or big brother’s first. It’s easy to rule out and convince ourselves, ‘no men of God are left’ when only peeking through the ‘lovey dovey’ lens. Yet, God shouldn’t have to prove His chosen men exist merely through the dating world. We should be mature enough to look past these narrow doors and accept them through other areas. Always remember there are many options of love to tick besides the relationship box.

Take a good, hard look at the inspiring guys God has already placed inside in your life. Your Dad, Brother, Uncle, Neighbour, Friend, Teacher, Pastor, Youth leader, JESUS….goodness could be proven by a perfect stranger.

Ask yourself, “What message have the men in my life installed to give me a future hope in the area of love?”

Of course one guy can break your heart or make you doubt your worth, but one guy can inspire you to move on and help you claim your jewelled tiara once more. One guy can use or abuse you, but one guy can refuse to lose you. One guy can trade you in when someone else comes along, but one guy can take a hold of your hand passionately and recognise you’re the very best thing that has been placed inside his life (apart from Christ).

There are amazing guys existing inside our world. Guys who might not necessarily be heart-throbs in their next action franchise but are real-life heroes, knights, rescuers and prince charming’s when playing their own characters instead.

There are guys who open car doors for their Grandma’s, who take delight in their friend’s successes and who support their family’s weird obsessions. Guys who have golden hearts for God and aren’t afraid nor ashamed to admit their fears, their dreams or the fact that they too have shed tears over the same read book or viewed film as you. Guys who call women ‘BEAUTIFUL’ instead of ‘SEXY’, who are not in it to impress but to do what’s right and who don’t let, ‘Gold, Guns and Girls’ exceed a higher position then their risen Saviour.

Guys who chase personalities more than pretty heads and who pursue, prize and protect their girls long after they’ve won them.

Guys who know someday, somehow, their prayed about leading ladies will come join them on their journeys, as together they march their way through the gates of eternity. I think we ought to start appreciating and befriending the amazing guys we already have gifted to us in our lives. And it is these very guys who remind us girls that there are still many eligible bachelors sailing around the island of life, assuring us not all have been shipwrecked at sea.

But for the meantime, let us learn to be patient, embrace and enjoy the seasons we are meant to be in and trust the Lord has all our Love Stories perfectly penned out, ones way better than the stuff we read in fairy-tales.

Do not give up hope due to one guy’s actions or what the world televises. Look beyond the lies and stereotypes and realise with ‘longer the wait comes only a sweeter kiss’.



The selfless life…

Today, singleness is successfully posted, photographed and publicised as a life which illustrates complete permission to do what you want, when you want and how you want to go about it.

A series of Hollywood snaps will encourage the currently unattached to find pleasure in the luxury of shopping designer, spoiling yourself with half day pamper packages, paying a fortune on high tea catch ups and indulging in some much needed vacation time to Bora Bora, because apparently being single is just such hard work!

It’s driving around town in hot sports cars, boasting you’re the proud owner of eighty pairs of shoes and investing more expenses on your pet pooch’s grooming and closet attire than you put towards to your own up keeping. There’s scheduling rigorous work out routines at the gym every day just to stay fit and trim in that fabulous wardrobe, while a typical weekend consists of cocktails til seven, dinners til nine, fashion shows til eleven, VIP parties til three, and sleeping in past noon.

And although this painted version of the single life may be what some in the avenue of Tinseltown choose to spend their time of day exploiting, you are living the polar opposite, The Single Christian Life to be exact. You’re living in a way that places the word Christ in the middle of single and life, literally. Your life revolves around God first, others second and yourself last. Your completion, worth and beauty is found purely alone in the name of Jesus and not in a bottle of champers, a hotel night spent with a man or pair of Gucci sunnies.

Singleness wasn’t created for selfishness. In fact God called and used more single people in the Bible to demonstrate selflessness than He did with married ones. Jesus Christ being the standout example of signifying complete selflessness through His singleness.

It was singleness which saw many men and women in The Word like Miriam, Paul, Mary Magdalene and Lazarus accomplish widespread change with their serving single statuses. And while statistics still show God used many couples for building up His lawful Kingdom and enriching His name, some being Abraham and Sarah, Esther and King Xerxes, Jacob and Rachel, Ruth and Boaz and Mary and Joseph, this post is about singleness. It’s seeing what positive difference you and me can right now make as individuals. Proverbs 3: 27-28 says, ‘Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbour, “Come back later; I’ll give it tomorrow”- when you now have it with you’. 

We have the opportunity to start voicing a new petition for change, regarding how the single life in Gods eyes should be viewed and led. We are here to walk the pathway Jesus deliberately left behind for us to follow because there is more to being a Christian than just reading the Bible, memorising John 3:16 and knowing the world’s Saviour.

Being a true follower of Christ isn’t about talking His talk but walking the very walk He Himself exemplified.

When Jesus walked the earth, He didn’t sit Himself high on a pedestal, looking down on the beggars, outcasts and criminals. Instead, Jesus got up close and personal with each and every person He encountered, sitting beside the lonely, feeding and having lunch with the hungry, becoming friends with the sinners, comforting the widows, hugging the immoral and demon possessed and placing His healing hands over the diseased, crippled and blind.

Stating to the world we are Christians proves nothing factual to God, for even the demons believe in Jesus and shudder. (James 2:19)

But being a friend to the broken, providing for the homeless, praying for the sick, nurturing the injured, loving the orphans, supporting the elderly and comforting the mourners is what truly transforms us into Gods treasured children.

Therefore, as Christians, our depiction of the single life looks a little like this. We encourage the currently unattached to find pleasure in serving and living for just God, spoiling others with gifts of compassion and love, shouting a coffee for the colleague at work who is always without one, and using our money and time to vacate away on mission trips, cheerfully helping out those so much less fortunate. It’s driving around town in modest cars or riding the bus, humbly witnessing our faith to all who ask ‘the reason behind our sincere hearts’ and investing our expenses on the church, people in need and His mighty Kingdom.

We’re continually scheduling in time to visit unwell children in hospital, dropping flowers off at a nursing home once in awhile, leading Bible study groups or donating food anonymously to a local homeless shelter, especially around the Christmas holiday. A typical weekend consists of using our hearts and talents to benefit others, being available to those who call on our names for assistance, making memories with loved ones, and spending time with Jesus Christ.

The words the Lord Jesus Himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:35), couldn’t have been put into context any more perfectly. Have you observed the happiness your heart feels when you generously put others first before yourself or when you speak words linked to kindness and serenity than cruelty and juvenility? Well, I believe this precious feeling comes from God, whose Holy Spirit is the reason your heart jumps joyously when you opt to be selfless. I am certain He showers nothing but encouragement, approval and a smile over your name every time you act like Jesus, proudly proclaiming to the Heavens, ‘That’s my child’.

The single life can be far from selfish when you choose to live it Gods way. Start taking the selfish out of single and see how close your walk comes to mimicking the path Jesus perfected and lived.

2 Corinthians 8:8-9, ‘I am not commanding you, but I want to test the sincerity of your love by comparing it with the earnestness of others. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.’

Mark 12:29-31, The most important commandment answered Jesus, ‘is this: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength’. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these’.

Mathew 25:40, The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

You are worthy of love…

Although God has meaningful intentions behind all our single seasons, so often we still fall short in underestimating the faithful works and purposes He has in store for us all. When single, our thoughts can frequently fluster and fixate themselves on believing…

“Maybe I’m single because I’m just not that attractive to guys”.

“Maybe all my shameful sins and regretful pasts dub me too damaged for love”.

“Maybe I just don’t have it in me to be a good lover or be loved back”.

However, all these negative feelings, opinions and messages are not accurate truths but insensitive lies, tricks and mind games Satan plays, all to drive us away from God, abandoning the relationship we share with Him. This has been his (Satan) plan from the start, to take vengeance on God by trying to take you, me and the rest of the world away from ever seeing His unfailing love and almighty Kingdom unfold.

Satan wants to drag us deeper and deeper into his dark and tortuous dungeon instead of letting us see the light that trails to God’s glorious and everlasting castle.

Satan doesn’t love us, in fact he hates us, despises us, hinders us and certainly has no plans, hopes, dreams or happy endings for our lives; he merely wants us so that God cannot have us.

Only when we repent and ask Jesus Christ (our Saviour for this very purpose) to enter our hearts, forgive our mistakes and save us from Hells flames, can we thus be released from Satan’s suffocating grip and run into the arms of our loving Father, He who created us in love, for love and to be loved.

We can all have moments when we don’t feel beautiful enough, thin enough, smart enough or confident enough in being able to find and experience love. Yet these cases are all untrue reasons to use as excuses for having no love life.

Everyone has it in them to love and be loved because, “Christ loved us from the very beginning” (1 John 4:19). Romans 5:8 states, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”. Through giving His, “One and only son” (John 3:16) to pay the penalty of death for our sins wages, God gave us the greatest representation of true love that the world never could have come close to offering us.

Before creation began, God chose to set us apart from the rest, to be crowned His chosen children, to be guaranteed unconditional love, to be worthy of incredible inheritances and to live forever in a faraway land which just so happens to be His Kingdom.

Jesus Christ’s compassionate sacrifice is living proof we all have what it takes to love and be worthy of receiving love. And just because we may not be in a relationship or marriage right now, doesn’t symbolise or imply we are unlovable, unworthy or unattractive. Instead, I believe singleness is God’s shout out for us to find our value and completeness in Him than in a whirlwind romance. Our time as singles should be spent seeking Jesus Christ with all our hearts, the man who deserves every fibre of us and using our statuses as opportunities for generating immense faith, hope and love into peoples lives. Showcasing love to the world should be our mission, not searching for it ourselves.

Through God’s provided resources, stepping away from the world’s (Satan’s) lures and standards and following after the shining light of Jesus, we can all apply His invention of love everywhere we go.

When our sole focus is not set on searching for a relationship, we as a result allow God to play a larger part in our life’s story. I’m not saying guys take up time away from God, not at all. Guys are great and we love having them in our lives as we work together in better building up God’s kingdom. But we do need to reassess their positions in our hearts and how highly we place them on our check lists.

Guys, no matter how wonderful should never take centre stage in our hearts and neither should we in theirs.

You are not to spend all night and day waiting or hoping to feel worthy and adored from them. You are already so deeply and intimately loved and cherished by God and no one else will fill up this wholesome space accept Him. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8) as the bigger role He plays in your life; the easier it is to recognise His voice and guidance, making it crystal clear when walking after the footsteps He has mapped out for you to follow.

You do not need to be in a relationship or plan the wedding of your dreams to be deemed loved. Through Jesus, you are most worthy of love.

John 15:16 says, “You did not choose me, but I choose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit-fruit that will last”. It is God who asks you to bestow His Great Love upon others, whether family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, teachers, strangers or even your enemies. This is what serves Him momentously and transforms you into an even better fruit bearer.

The words , “I love you” or “You’re Beautiful’, do not have to be whispered by a man in your life, but through careful listening you can hear it spoken from the tender lips of the Father, who has called you to be worthy of His everlasting love since the day He created you.

But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive in Christ even when we were dead in transgressions- it is by grace that you have been saved.- Ephesians 2:4-5


Audience of One…

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. Its been this way from the very beginning. In Primary School we compared toys and birthday parties, in Middle School we compared clothes and subject grades and in Senior School we compared cars, weekend jobs, and whether we were or were not heading off to University. It turns out, High School was just a warm up for the Real World we would later run in. As adults, nothing changes. In fact, I’m beginning to find the grownups world even more childish than the kid’s world.

Today, we still constantly compare our cars, toys, jobs, university degrees, partners, looks, incomes, clothes, lifestyles, parties, homes, and holidays on a daily basis. It seems society feels some sense of accomplishment if everyone knows who they are, what they’re doing and where they’re going. It appears fame, fortune, fans and followers are now matters which sadly signify ones worth to this world and what all should aim and aspire to have in this life. However,

the simple truth is comparing results in degrading. It doesn’t strengthen and build our characters up, it shreds them down into smaller and shallower versions.

So many people have been sold false tickets upon boarding the ‘Stardom and Success’ train. They’ve been deceptively manipulated and told, ‘If one is not famous or globally known for something (anything) they won’t achieve or live a worthwhile and meaningful life’. How if they never star on TV, receive a thousand Facebook Friends, reach a million followers, write a best seller, or walk the red carpet they seemingly equal nothing and no-one important.

It’s easy to think less of ourselves when we stare up at all the inspirational role models whose names have helped bring better change to our troubled globe, fed and nursed thousands of orphans, raised awareness for sex trafficking and lead millions of hearts to Jesus Christ. I know I sometimes feel small and inadequate when reading about these positive and powerful influences.

Yet, we must remember our Jesus doesn’t compare, rate or scale us against each other, nor does He show favouritism of any sort. (Romans 2:11) He rather intended us to be unique, to live out different purposes, walk different pathways and pursue different passions. Jesus desires we live for His heart and eyes only and ignore all the other noisy messages of performing for everyone and everything else. We were not called to be like, walk like, live like, talk like, act like, or dress like the person standing next to us. We were called to live like Jesus, the man who by following Gods ways and not society’s FOREVER CHANGED THE WORLD.

To know we just have win one man’s heart over instead of the worlds, certainly takes a heavy load off of our minds and shoulders!

Think about it, if some of those at the Olympics or on the world stage performed and used their inspiring talents just for one set of eyes instead of the billions glancing back at them, maybe more would take home gold, stand on first place and break new world records. Maybe less would turn to drugs for success, seek their social media accounts for approval and praise or feel defined by their past mistakes/ achievements because they discovered their sole value rested in Jesus Christ.

When we perform on the world’s stage for our own benefit, we are destined for disappointment, emptiness and endless unhappiness. But when we perform on Gods stage, bestowing praise and glory upon His name, we are destined for success, fulfilment and everlasting joy and bliss.

You are here for a purpose. You are here for a reason. With Jesus, You too can help change the world and enrich the Father’s future Kingdom drastically. Don’t scale yourself down. There is something so special on this earth that only your hands can tackle.

Quit comparing yourself to the person next door, you’ve got something extraordinary to offer this world.





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Have no fear. God is here…

With all the so called Superheroes in this world, not one was born with the power, strength, speed or ability to defeat the enemy of fear and save the planets people from incapacitation. They climbed walls, ceilings and buildings using just web, pulled vehicles dangling off the New York City bridge to complete safety, flew through air to catch their love interest from a deadly plunge, destroyed the mortal nemesis from his newest invention of revenge and bought back World Peace before the stars descended.

Yet, when the nation really calls on them for help in the attack of fear, no-one shows up, surrenders or reveals their masked identities to our faces. Fear has a dangerous effect on the soul and if no action is taken, then issues’ resembling depression, anxiety and even death can advance. Marvels Heroes may have battled and overturned their worries into extraordinary strengths for the good of humanity, but none ever managed to eliminate fear from the human heart. It seems there were some great powers that couldn’t fulfil their great responsibilities after all. Thus, whose name can we all count on when the Villain (fear) takes us hostage, since Superheroes wont save us.

With God, rest assure He holds a power far better than any cure, potion or prescription. It’s called faith; it comes free of charge and with it lies potential for change.

A recent Google search highlighted the biggest contributions in life most of us fear and fret over. For some, its a fear of losing their freedom/dignity, experiencing rejection, failing school/University or being publically judged/humiliated. Others, its a dread of not living a purposeful life or leaving behind a great legacy when they depart the world. Almost all worry about the passing away of family members, friends and loved ones as well as having their jobs, incomes, businesses, homes and Superannuation’s threatened/destroyed. Majority fret about marriage and/or children never playing a part in their futures, while a percentage express uncertainty about the unknown, the years to come and death/the afterlife.

Often we can get so caught up in the moment of fear that we forget God is more capable than any Superhero to pull our fears from the dark, expose them to light and shine faith over them. Turn now to Isaiah 41:13 for His words guarantee, ‘For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you’. Let us never forget one shout to the Heavens will always see help on its way.

No costume change is required for God to be at hand when we call, no strength compares to He who moves mountains, no speed reaches us faster than He who walks on water and no power will save us than He whose blood purchased eternal life.

Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Ironman may  all be gorgeous to gaze at and very sweet to dream about, but they are each pretty useless when needing to be rescued in real life.

The existing hero we have in this universe is God.

He’s on our beckon call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. He hears when we cry into our quilted sheets or when we scream for help in public. He sees us at our best and at our lowest. He knows danger before it even lingers upon us in a world far, far away. He holds our hands through both the good and evil and refuses to let go even when we don’t deserve His protection or shelter. His back never turns to face ours nor do His eyes blink for more than a millisecond. He dashes in to shield us from winds of criticism, storms of judgment, floods of gossip and lightning bolts of hate, departing swiftly again without a medal, salutation or applause given at the end of every day. He is our ultimate hero, our protector, our fighter and our comforter in times of stress and worry.

So Have No Fear.

For Our God is Always Here.

  ‘But I call to God, and the Lord saves me. Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice’. (Palms 55:16-17)



God’s love story…

Sometimes, I think we can become fixated on a love we’ve been desiring for years that we forget we already have a precious love story to call our own, profoundly cherish and passionately pursue right this very second. We can neglect to dig deeper into the best selling book of all time, a treasure trove of hope and grace just waiting to be opened, studied and globally shared. We can lose sight to the fact that before we knew God, God knew us, chose us and loved us. We can continually doubt it is He who listens to our prayers, see’s our tears, knows our hearts desires and informs us that all these desires, tears and prayers play a large sum to the person He is greatly shaping us to become.

Our God has a track record of composing the most beautiful love stories ever told, but it is our line of duty to fall head over heels with the original tale of love He for centuries now has provided.

It can be easy to overlook this passionate chronicle when in the mist of wanting our own; yet no affair of the heart given to you or others will ever compete, compare or come close to the first love written by God.

Out of all the documented love stories, there is one that stands out amongst the rest, which can never be beaten or put to the test. The Holy Bible is the honest account of how one righteous Prince (Jesus), humbly came to earth and bravely rescued us, as the only way we could gain entry to Heaven’s Kingdom and journey beside Him was for His innocent life to be flogged, mocked and nailed to a cross. Jesus’ selfless sacrifice proved His Great Love for the whole wide world and issued how His spirit was, is and will be freely and graciously given to all who believe in His name and in the service He gave. More than two thousand years have passed and He still very much lives on with us. Each day, He protects us from harm and danger, empowers us to always choose good over evil and helps us to place His holy name high above all. He lastly gives us a hope that will soon see Him return, carry us home and allow us to, ‘Dwell in the house of the LORD forever’. (Psalm 23:6)

What girl doesn’t dream of a prince rescuing her from an evil world, fighting the fire breathing devil and whisking her away to an enchanting kingdom, declaring her a Heavenly Princess? I can’t think of any girl. Can you? And yet we as daughters of The Most High King are all entitled to share in this very compelling, very special love story. Jesus loved the sinner in you and me and He created a second chance for us to be pardoned and renewed, be worthy of His overwhelming grace again and eventually reign in a paradise which will never ever fade away. Therefore,

God’s love story should always come first in our hearts before longing for our very own versions to take place.

Before we ask, ‘The King of all Kings’ to narrate us each an epic romance, let us remember it is this relationship which will never expire, which no man can separate, which no death will do us part from and which interest will never be lost in. This story stands on the highest ground, rises at the toughest times and is the only one destined to outrun the age of time. His love story is the greatest and rarest gift ever given to human hands.

We didn’t have to chase His love, His love chased us and it won!

Once reading, believing and adoring this deeply soothing love story, we may start to see ourselves focusing more on Him and on the extravagant love we will shortly have than waiting endlessly for a love that is yet to come into the picture. Today, why not rekindle the affection already handed down, one which will never stop pursing, cherishing and treasuring all of us.

After all, isn’t it when we least expect love, aren’t obsessing over it and placing God well above it that He is then, ‘Able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine’. (Ephesians 3:20).